Life in the village

01 Half day | duration 2h30 | depart 9h00 or 14h00 | with guide Settling in and discovering our Lodge is all about getting to know the village of Muang La, that watched us grow. A friendly, traditional village located on both sides of the river, with a Buddhist temple, a few shops, and chickens, dogs and pigs running around under the houses built on stilts. A rural setting with nice views over the river, which is crossed on a bamboo raft.

This stroll through the village with one of our local guides, loops back to our Lodge via the rice fields and the ancient salt fields, still in use today.

15Duration 45mn | 18h00 | with guide (bring a donation of between 5,000/10,000 Kip) In the high valleys of northern Laos, the local people believe in the spirit world of ghosts, phantoms and fairies. The modern traveller will discover an ancient social event, the Baci Ceremony. This tradition is performed by a village elder and is also known as the recall of souls. A sacred ceremony inviting our spirits to return to our bodies and enticing them with offerings of fruits, cakes, alcohol, incense, candles and money. It is the custom to leave a donation, at each persons discretion.
The ceremony takes place before dinner.