Rendez-vous in our culinary studio

14Half-day | At our Lodge with lunch | duration: 3h | start 10:00 A studio? All artists create their masterpieces in a studio and our chefs are no different. In a sala, built in the heart of our organic garden, our chefs will reveal the secrets of the art of Lao cuisine. In a friendly atmosphere, with a maximum of 4 participants, they will take you from garden to plate and explain everything from picking the vegetables & herbs through to serving. A wonderful morning of experimenting and tasting as you prepare your own lunch.

20 | Full day duration: 6h | depart 09:00 | with guide | level of difficulty: 1 If you find the verdant rice fields with their vibrant hues of green appealing, go for a fun, interactive experience with the local farmers - "Of Rice and Men" also includes a fantastic picnic prepared in front of you.