These excursions broaden our horizons...

Although our pool is the favourite playground for children, we hope to encourage them to explore the region with these suggestions...

01 Half-day | duration: 2h30 | depart 9h00 or 14h00 | with guide A few hundred metres from our Lodge, lies the village of Muang La - with a typical mix of people, monks, animals and the permanent laughter of the children. This walk is an invitation to learn about the peaceful lifestyle of the villagers in their rural and traditional home. The village sits on both banks of the Nam Pak River and the crossing is made on a bamboo raft.

3A Half-day | duration: 4h | depart 9h00 or 14h00 | with guide | level of difficulty: 3 This excursion begins in a 4x4, before setting off on foot (2 hours walk). You explore the lush vegetation of the valley with some splendid views, and passing through rice fields and over bamboo bridges. You reach the village of Long Ya of the Yang people before you arrive at the temple of Wat Hoytinphabath. The temple is home to a reclining statue of Buddha, over 35m long and a place of total serenity.

3B Half-day | duration: 4h | depart 9h00 or 14h00 | with guide | level of difficulty: 1 If your children, don't want to walk, this option takes you to the temple and its impressive statue of Buddha by 4x4.

06 Half-day | duration: 4h | depart 9h00 | with guide | level of difficulty: 1 Easily reached, the Ikhos villages are a world away from the modern world. You will meet an ethnic group whose life is centred on their beliefs in the spririt world. The villagers wear traditional dress dyed with extracts harvested in the forests. You enter the village through a spirit gate which is sacred to the villagers.

20 Full-day | duration: 6h | depart 9h00 | with guide | level of difficulty: 1 A fun and traditional excursion - "Of Rice and Men" lets you try growing rice with the Khamu farmers. A picnic lunch in a "sala" amidst the unspoilt countryside, prepared by our cook. At the end of the day, your return to our Lodge crossing the Nam Pak River on a bamboo raft, via the village of Vieng Kham. The village is well known for the production of sarongs and other silk products.