An aperitif made from riverweed wafers, seared over open flames, before a dinner of Lao/Thai flavours worthy of the grandest Asian tables. Amazing. - Voyage de Luxe

"Made in Muang La"
for truly natural cuisine!

Yoghurts, bread, jams, smoked duck breast, sausages... we are committed to "home made". All our meals are prepared using fresh produce, grown on the fertile land around our Lodge (rice, maize, sugar cane, coffee, tea, nuts, fruits and vegetables). Most often taken from our own garden:

Vegetables, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, tomatos, carrots, bean, aubergine, onions
Fruits papaya, pineapple, bananas, passion fruit
Wild herbs betel, pandan, chili, coriander
Aromatic herbs basil, mint, lemon grass, garlic, dill

If you would like some herbal tea? A special flavour? Visit our garden
We also raise our own fish, chickens and ducks.

All the salt we use is extracted from the Nam Pak River. Dried in small piles in the sun, any impurities are removed by evaporation over a fire. An ancient craft technique that has been passed down over many centuries. You can visit the salt fields across from our Lodge by crossing the river on foot or via the small bridge close to our Lodge.

Lao cuisine is like no other. Each evening you will sample the gastronomic heritage of Laos with a fusion menu comprising a choice from 3 starters and 3 main courses using fresh produce from our garden. Some of our favourite dishes are:

  • Pumpkin soup sauteed with curry butter
  • Flan of steamed fish with spring onion and lemon balm leaves
  • Apple and mango crumble

Good food deserves good wine ... we offer a selection of New World wines from Chile, New Zealand, South Africa and a selection of prestigious French wines. Tattinger champagne & Prosecco are also available.

We also offer a cooking course with our chefs.

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"Ephemeral dining"

Our restaurant sits on a large terrace overlooking the river. Notre restaurant est une grande terrasse de bois en surplomb de la rivière. We also offer our guests the opportunity to enjoy different views while enjoying our cuisine: a private terrace, a secluded corner of our shady gardens, or our Sala.
La Sala is a private part of our island, reached across a small suspension bridge spanning the River Nam Pak. Built on stilts, this beautiful, wooden pavilion offers wonderful views over the river. Culinary pleasures (with your private butler anc chef) or a secluded massage, reservation is needed.